Framework of Equitable Schools

Framework for Equitable Schools

SEZP schools are committed to the tenets of our Framework for Equitable Schools, which guarantees equitable instruction through rigorous learning and targeted supports.

Tiered Instruction

Equitable instruction in the SEZP begins with universal, Tier I grade-level, standards-aligned approaches and curriculum for all students. Beyond Tier I, the Framework for Equitable Schools guarantees all students access to personalized intervention and tailored treatment plans that provide one to two additional “doses” of support in Tiers II and III, where necessary. These customized supports comprise an Academic RTI system developed by each school to best serve scholars’ needs. The SEZP RTI Toolkit includes an approach to systematic supports across all tiers.

Dual Language

For some schools, Tier I approaches are embodied through a school-wide identity, as exemplified by our dual language schools. The SEZP has the only two stand-alone dual language middle schools in Massachusetts, providing a Dual Language Immersion model that centers Spanish as both the vehicle for content delivery and for language development. Providing core and intervention support in both Spanish and English in Humanities and Math ensures these schools provide a comprehensive bilingual approach in all facets of learning, eliminating stigmatization and marginalization of language diversity. Providing monolingual instruction for all students solidifies a universal approach to content learning through language development.

Early College

In our Early College high schools, all scholars have the ability to engage in the rigor of college courses, earning up to 60 credits or an Associate’s degree by graduation, and dramatically increasing opportunity for college matriculation and completion. Our Early College high schools afford pathways to industry-centered careers, namely in computer science, IT, and engineering, through which students can amass significant credits and stackable career credentials. Our expansive access to college opportunity is grounded in unprecedented support from a suite of committed higher education partners, including Worcester State University, Quinsigamond Community College, Springfield Technical Community College, Holyoke Community College, and Westfield State University.

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