Proven Leadership

With decades of experience in a variety of educational settings, the SEZP leadership team works tirelessly to improve student outcomes in the Zone.

These passionate professionals collaborate with a range of SEZP stakeholders — from students and teachers to principals and policymakers — to carry out three organizational priorities identified by the Zone’s board:

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Support to Schools

Ensure SEZP schools receive high-quality, differentiated support, empowering leaders and educators with the knowledge and skills to thrive in an autonomous school environment.


Effective Foundations

Ensure SEZP schools operate in a policy and working environment that enables true empowerment, including reducing standardized policies and bureaucratic hurdles that prevent school-based decisions and ensuring strong partnerships across all stakeholder groups.


Configure for Success

Ensure SEZP stakeholders agree on shared performance standards for operating an SEZP school, including holding individuals at all levels accountable for these shared standards and re-configuring schools as necessary.


Matthew Brunell Headshot for SEZP

Matthew Brunell

Co-Executive Director

Colleen Curran headshot for SEZP

Colleen Curran

Co-Executive Director

Kim Bridgeo

Data Specialist

Megan Britt

Chief of Strategic Partnerships

Nicole Christoforo

Chief of Talent

Kelley Gangi

Chief of School Innovation

Christina Harbour

Chief Schools Officer

Kisha Morgan

Chief of Student Support and Services

Kaira Owens

Operations Manager

Drew Robinson

Talent Operations Manager

Dave Tilton

Chief of Expanded Learning

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