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Family Engagement

SEZP believes that an indispensable ingredient of high-performing schools is family engagement. There is simply no substitute.

In SEZP, schools not only communicate with families about the successes and challenges of their individual student, but have the voices of families in the room when critical decisions are made.

To be even more involved in your child’s education…


Log into your child’s Parent PowerSchool Portal

This portal is one way to access how your child is doing – from attendance to grades to teacher comments.

Communicate with your child’s teacher and child's school leaders

Feel free to write to them or set up time to meet with your child’s teachers. Anytime – at the start of the year, middle of the quarter, middle of the week – and anywhere – Zoom, in-person, by email – is the right time and the right place to communicate with an educator and administration.

Fill out the annual family survey

Administered in December, schools must make goals that address concerns and amplify strengths that families identify in that survey. Scroll down the page to find more information on the survey below.

Contact the family engagement coordinator

Contact the family engagement coordinator at your child’s school to see where you can help, and to learn about ways that your school receives and responds to parent feedback. Family engagement coordinators are listed on the profile page of your school. 

Join the Family Empowerment Council

Join the Family Empowerment Council. The Family Empowerment Council is a parent engagement initiative grounded in partnership-building, and committed to ensuring that families and schools create an equal partnership that is relational, developmental, collaborative, and connected to creating stronger outcomes for all students. This initiative will launch at Emergence, Rise, Legacy, Springfield Honors Academy, Impact Prep, and Kiley Prep.

Family Survey

SEZP administers a Family survey each year to tell us whether schools are setting families up for success to support their child academically. The survey measures family perception of school performance, how the school is engaging their child in learning, and the extent to which schools are taking action to involve families. Gathering family feedback informs how schools can provide more opportunities for family involvement.

The following domains are part of every family survey we administer nationwide:

  • School Net Promoter: Perceptions of the school and how likely families would be to recommend this school to other parents.
  • Academic Opportunity: Perceptions of teacher expectations for students and if students are supported given adequate academic opportunities
  • Welcoming School: Perceptions of teacher expectations for students and if students are supported given adequate academic opportunities
  • Trusting Environment: Perceptions of direct experiences with school staff, activities, and school atmosphere
  • Relationships with Teachers: Perceptions of relationships between teacher and families
  • Value of Feedback: Perceptions of teacher and school leadership’s openness to parent/guardian concerns and suggestions
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Perceptions of whether there is a commitment to promoting diversity, equity, amongst the school community. This domain also provides families an opportunity to offer anonymous suggestions for how the school can improve DEI efforts.

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