Autonomy with Support & Accountability

SEZP’s independent governance structure plays a key role in our Zone’s success.

Our schools are overseen by a nonprofit board of directors made up of local district leaders, educators, and community members — all of whom either live in the region or have close ties to the city.

The role of the SEZP board is to enforce high-level Zone policy items, evaluate our schools’ performance, and, above all, preserve school-level autonomies.

Recognizing that no two schools are the same, the board empowers our educators to make decisions at the individual school level.

Specifically, each SEZP school is guided by its own Teacher Leadership Team (TLT), a group of elected teacher representatives who set their own working conditions to meet the needs of their unique students.

This independent governance model gives each Zone school the flexibility to assess its own strengths and weaknesses — and make its own innovations and improvements. 

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How Teacher Leadership Teams Work

Michael Calvanese

Executive Principal, SEZP Schools

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