Board of Directors

Community Stakeholders

Made up of members of the Springfield community, the SEZP board of directors works to ensure that each Zone school has the power to make its own decisions — and is held accountable for its results.

The board is responsible for the following:

  • Establishing the vision and strategic direction for SEZP
  • Providing oversight for the 501c3 and leadership
  • Evaluating the co-executive directors
  • Approving school performance frameworks, school configuration changes,
  • Annual budgets, and other key organizational policies as needed

Our Board

The board of directors is comprised of the mayor of Springfield, the superintendent of Springfield Public Schools, the vice chair of the Springfield Public Schools Committee, and four others appointed by the Massachusetts commissioner of elementary and secondary education:

Chris Gabrieli

Board Chair, SEZP

Co-Founder & Partner, Empower Schools

Domenic J. Sarno

Mayor, City of Springfield

Daniel J. Warwick

Superintendent, Springfield Public Schools

Joesiah Gonzalez

Vice-Chair, Springfield Public Schools Committee

Shannon Rudder

President/CEO, Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Services

James S. Morton

President & CEO, YMCA of Greater Boston

Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

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