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Unprecedented Collaboration

The Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnership is a pioneering collaboration between three essential entities: The Springfield Public Schools district, The Springfield Education Association teachers union (SEA), and The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). These entities are working to improve student achievement in the city of Springfield’s most underperforming schools.

Paving a new and different way forward in education, this three-way partnership is bold in vision and unique in scope — and, most importantly, it’s having an impact.

And while it works to meet the varied needs of its stakeholders — stronger family engagement, enhanced teacher voice, higher state accountability — SEZP is successful because it keeps students at the center of it all.

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Bringing Everyone To The Table

Colleen Curran

Co-Executive Director, SEZP

More Partners

In addition to these three strong institutional partnerships at the core of SEZP, our schools also benefit from long-standing partners who bring expertise in fields as wide as talent to finance to operations. Below are a few of those integral partners to our work:

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