Values & Commitments

Mission of Equity & Anti-Racism

Equity exists in our schools when all educators, students, and families—regardless of race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, and other identifiers—have unimpeded access to inclusive learning and working environments. These settings should be characterized by high quality instruction, rich systems of support, robust information, and specialized opportunities that contribute to one’s personal growth and academic success.

We are beginning to raise awareness of bias and systematically work to dismantle the policies and institutional practices that are inherently racist and inequitable.

SEZP Values

  • We value developing the whole child to give them the enduring social and emotional skills and development necessary for deeper learning.
  • We value, embrace, and respect the differences in people and how a racially, multilingual, and culturally diverse community enhances the learning environment.
  • We value teacher voice and their ideas and participation to drive change within our schools and the Zone.
  • We value our families/caregivers and the community and the expertise they provide in developing the young people we serve.

SEZP Commitments

We are committed to investing in and making decisions that:

  • Continually build capacity and knowledge to ensure educators, administrators, and families have the skills and access to engage in the process of improvement as we work toward creating equitable and just schools for young people.
  • Utilize partnerships to engage all stakeholders.
  • Dismantle systems that disadvantage marginalized youth and minimize the voices of families/caregivers.
  • Provide learning environments where all students can achieve high levels of learning and can engage in activities and experiences that enrich and build talents and skills beyond academic success.

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