Holistic Performance Measurement

Established in 2015, Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnership measures success by developing the whole child and providing a clear path to financial independence. Below are key metrics of our progress.

School Improvement

In 2015, 100% of SEZP students were in schools in the bottom 10th percentile in the state. As of the latest data, almost 50% of SEZP students are in schools above the 10th percentile in the state, and nearly 25% of students are in schools in the 20th percentile or higher in the state.

Increase in Quality Seats

% of SEZP Students Enrolled in Schools by Accountability Percentiles

SEZP Seats Pie Chart 1

Since 2017, only three schools serving grades 6-12 in the state have exited underperforming status. Two are SEZP schools: Chestnut Tag Middle School and Duggan Academy

The single highest improving school in the state, over the last 7 years, is an SEZP school: Chestnut Tag Middle School

The percentage of 11th and 12th students completing advanced coursework has increased from 27% in 2018 to 64% in 2023.

% 11th & 12th Completing Advanced Coursework

SEZP Advanced CourseWork Chart 1

Nearly 80% of SEZP schools have made substantial progress in the wake of COVID.

School Progressing in Wake of COVID

Nearly 80% of SEZP schools made substantial progress this past year.

SEZP Covid Chart 1

High School Readiness

The students coming out of SEZP middle schools are more prepared and ready for high school, as evidenced by high school graduation rates. SEZP schools’ graduation rate has increased from 67% in 2015 to 86% in 2022.

Increase in High School Readiness

Graduation Rates

SEZP Graduation Rates Chart 1

In 2022, two SEZP schools have higher graduation rates than the State: Springfield Honors Academy at 99% and Duggan Academy at 96%.

SEZP has adopted a multi-year plan to create small learning communities in its redesign of the High School of Commerce. High School of Commerce’s graduation rate has increased from 47% in 2015 to 86% in 2022.

Leaders & Teachers of Color

SEZP is intentionally hiring leaders and teachers who are more representative of the communities we serve. Leaders of color have increased from 35% in 2018 to 65% in 2024. Teachers of color have increased from 24% in 2018 to 49% in 2024.

Increase in % of Educators of Color:

Associate & Assistant Principals

SEZP Educators of Color Chart 2

Increase in % of Educators of Color:


SEZP Teacher Increase Chart 2

Out-of-School Time

Out-of-school time after-school and summer programming since 2021:


 # of Springfield youth
who attended


# of local community organizations
providing programming


federal & state grants
received for programming

Academic improvement by students who participated in SEZP-funded summer programming in 2023:


ELA gains in
NWEA MAP scores


math gains in
NWEA MAP scores



Parent Satisfaction

According to nationally normed 2021 survey results of parents:


approve of the Zone’s
expectations of teachers


approve of
school leadership


would not change their student’s
school if given the opportunity

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