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SEZP and School Empowerment Network (SEN) presented at the Great Schools Partnership’s “School Redesign in Action” (SRIA) conference in Newport, RI.

Kiley Prep math teacher, Phebee Allsop, and SEN program director, Edna Attias, were selected by the Great Schools Partnership’s SRIA conference to present the work they’ve done in SEZP’s Equitable Pathways to Leadership (EPL) program. Their workshop explored the ways in which engaging in the continuous improvement cycle builds key competencies in aspiring leaders and centers the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) educators and students. 

Participants in the workshop heard first-hand from Phebee how the EPL program has shaped her growth as a leader and impacted results in her classroom. They also got the chance to explore and discuss artifacts created by various EPL teams, including student data and work analyses, video of team meetings, and samples of professional development. Through collaborative analysis of these artifacts, the session participants surfaced the many ways in which engaging in continuous improvement provides for equity of voice and builds leadership competencies such as data fluency, inclusivity and anti-racism, a growth mindset, and knowledge of classroom best practice. 

You can learn more about the SRIA conference by clicking here .